About us

We aim to be the
preferred problem solver
within functional skin care

Our motivation at Riemann

Across the globe, way too many people face the burden of physical conditions that prevent them from fully embracing life.

We encourage everyone to embrace their body and life, no matter their individual challenges. We develop and produce products that enable people to overcome these challenges and live their lives to the fullest.

Riemann’s strong engagement and serious scientific endeavor continuously guides our brands today.

It is our passion to identify
peoples needs and to take
them seriously

Scientifically driven
since day one

At Riemann, we transform consumer trends and insights into innovative solutions that solve real problems. Our Research & Development goes beyond mixing and testing ingredients.

We know that consumers need simple and best solutions, and we are proud of the long-term positive effects our product category has on their quality of life and health.

We acknowledge the importance of consumer compliance with correct application of the products to deliver the expected effects. This is why we put a lot of efforts in developing products with excellent perception and sensorial skin feel.

Our products exceed regulatory requirements
and performance expectations

ISO 22716 Certified

With a high GMP standard and our ISO 22716 certification, we ensure quality above standards. All our products are produced in Denmark, and every single produced bulk and finished good is analyzed internally and released strictly by our competent quality specialists.

Proven efficacy

We keep our promise on functional benefits, by trusted and well-documented claims substantiation. We work closely with well-known clinical test houses, are actively present in category leading societies, and collaborate with trustworthy and reliable third part certifications.

Highest standards

We aim for best-in-class solutions with secured long-term attractiveness. We have a regulatory stay-ahead approach, by strategic planning and risk mitigation. We dare to push the boundaries of skin care science by setting high criteria for our formulation and testing accept levels.

We develop, formulate,
produce, and test ourselves.


Our expert approach is in the way we develop our products and substantiate the effect claims. With an excellence in formulation chemistry and a high-level knowledge of The science behind our products efficacy, we know the precision needed to develop high-performance functional products. Our knowledge of skin complexity and skin reactions to challenging situations is essential for development of “long-lasting” skin care products.

Creativity and Technology

In our state-of-the-art laboratories we combine expertise in chemistry, dermatology, and biology, and design unique test methods to understand and improve product behavior in challenging conditions, aiming for higher level product development.

Collaboration is key in our research and development process. We work closely with researchers at universities and test institutes, dermatologists, suppliers, and customers to ensure that every product not only meets the highest scientific standards, but also addresses real-world consumer skin care challenges.

We are committed

Throughout our business, we are committed to develop seriously reliable products, that are both valuable for the end-consumers and the society.

Sustainability is at the core of our research, as we continually strive to create products that are not only effective but also least harmful to our environment. We do this by providing highest performance with least chemicals in the formulations and by developing durable products resulting in less consumption and less release to the sea and environment.

0 %
Of plastic packaging should be made by recycled/renewable materials by 2025
0 %
Of packaging should be made of recycled/renewable materials by 2025
Tons of reduction in product waste
> 0 %
Renewable energy by 2025

Our heritage obliges us

The company was founded in 1979 by Claus Riemann with the vision to create products with an “objectively identifiable effect”. Mr. Riemann’s spirit of personal devotion and earnest scientific endeavor guides our company to this very day.

Riemann pioneered the global sunscreen market in 1979 with the launch of the first high factor/SPF product, Riemann P20. To this day, we have stayed true to our promise to deliver protection without compromise. Our unique formulations have been protecting people from the sun for decades. 

Furthermore, the founder, developed Perspirex the same year, for his sister, Bodil, who suffered from excessive foot perspiration. This was the birth of one of most effective and long-lasting antiperspirants in the market – Perspirex. Perspirex has since then developed into a true niche brand with sales in over 40 markets worldwide.

We are a stand-alone company with the support from our parent company Orkla with a yearly turnover of 4,3 billion euros.

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